New glasses from GlassesShop.com !

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Hello Everyone!

Long time no see :). Today I’m going to show you these new eyeglasses (they are not prescription glasses, although I do have those. I just really like these to make photos with, so it wasn’t really necessary for me – ALTOUGH you can order prescription with the glasses of your choice) I got from ‘The GlassesShop.com‘, here you can buy many beautiful glasses online! You should really check it out… Well, after watching the photos I took of mine! 🙂

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Scotland | Stirling castle

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Stirling Castle

Today I’m showing you my pictures from our little trip to Stirling Castle. I think I’ve never been so much in love with a single country in my entire life. Scotland really stole my heart, again. Want to see what my father and I saw in this beautiful gem of a castle? { More }

Scotland | Hopetoun House (Outlander location!)

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Hopetoun House

Hellooo everyone! Today I’m going to show you the photos I made at Hopetoun house, in Scotland. The location is near Edinburgh, so it would make a perfect day trip from there. I visited it with my dad, because we both watch Outlander and this is one of the locations that appears in the tv series. Really, if you haven’t watched Outlander, please try it. It’s AMAZING. { More }